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I receive a lot of inquiries asking where I get my buttons. My favorite source is a UK website Textile Garden. There is nothing more exciting than opening a box full of these lovely little individually wrapped bundles of happiness (I REALLY love buttons, can you tell?)button_pack When I place an order, I usually get what I need, then I add a whole bunch of other goodies that I think may be useful in the future. Here is my latest order (just the buttons and the clasps): Blog_1_28_13 Textile Garden has an endless assortment of "vintage" buttons and closures that are unique to anything I can find here in the States, and the shipping is very fast and reasonably priced. I also get responses that people cannot find the EXACT button or closure shown on one of my samples, but no worries--pick something else--I've never been disappointed in any of their treasures.

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