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Forever twenty-what? For me, that would be a very bad situation—if I were stuck in my 21-year-old brain and lifestyle. Let's see, I would be dating some jerk…flaky, broke. I would prefer maybe Forever 32? Anyways, if you can get pass the embarrassing name of this store (and possibly the annoyance of shopping with some really young, ahem, obnoxious women ((no offense please, if you are actually 21, but don't think a lot of you are reading this))), you can find some really great pieces at prices that make the clothing almost disposable. Here are some of my sweater faves:9-13-14

1. Heathered Batwing Turtleneck Sweater $24.80 2. Longline Shawl Collar Cardigan $22.80 3. Heathered Dolman Cardigan $22.80 4. Knit Dolman Cardigan $17.80 5. Relaxed Dolman Cardigan $27.80 6. Hooded Double-Clasp Sweater $32.80 7. Dip-Dyed Knotted Sweater $34.90 8. Draped Open-Front Kimono $13.80 9. Oversized Knit Cardigan $19.80 10. Open-Front Knit Cardigan $22.80

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