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Holiday Gift Must-Knit #8: Birmingham Boot Liners

The final project from the 2 SKEINS = 4 PROJECTS post is a pair of Birmingham Boot Liners.DSC_1064 You can purchase the pattern using this link: Visit Pam Powers Knits's Craftsy Pattern Store » The yarn is Cascade Ecological Wool in ecru and mocha, available here by clicking on “Cascade Eco+ & Ecological Wool Yarn” link: I used US 8 / 5 mm needles. This is an adaptation of the Short Boot Liners (no shaping). My gauge with the Eco Wool is about 4.6 stitches per inch, so having the body worked over 49 stitches will result in a boot liner that is about 11" in circumference. You work from the top down on this pattern, and there are 5 additional stitches for the overlap on the button placket, so you will actually be casting on 54 stitches. Since this pattern is done in stockinette, it is very easy to adjust the width to your new gauge. Just make sure the total number of stitches you cast on is a multiple of 4, plus 10 additional stitches for the placket. The length on my sample is 6", but you can vary that depending on how much yarn you have left. If this is your last project and you are not sure how far you can go on the length, here is a helpful hint. Before starting the first liner, weigh both colors of yarn. Divide each weight by 2, and that is how much yarn you have to work with. If you're cutting it close, you will need to weigh each color as you work to make sure you don't go over your allotted amount for each liner. DSC_1063

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