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Knitted Terrarium Hanger

Growing up in the '70s, our house was filled with macramé plant hangers.  I noticed a resurgence of these--even Anthropologie has made their contribution.

So I decided to combine my new-found love for the succulent terrarium with the plant hanger.  But,  I must admit, I was not on board for learning a new craft.

Hence, the Knitted Terrarium Hanger.  I used inexpensive, natural cooking twine.  I don't have an exact yardage, but I probably only used about one-third of the cone on size US 8 dpn's.  I don't think gauge matters on this--you're just slipping it around a 6" glass bubble bowl.  I tied off the top around a metal O-ring you find at a hardware store using a slip knot.  There probably is a nicer option to the slip knot, but again, not really into learning about knot tying.

PLANT-HANGER (13 of 40).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (1 of 12).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (5 of 12).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (26 of 40).jpg

Making the terrarium is pretty fun and simple--just be careful if you're using little miniature cacti.  I used those little ice cube tongs to place mine after getting some pretty nasty stickers in my fingers.

PLANT-HANGER (7 of 12).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (8 of 12).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (9 of 12).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (12 of 12).jpg

Knitted Terrarium Hanger pattern can be found here. 

Happy Mother's Day!


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  • Daundra

    This is stunning! It inspired me to create something similar for my airplane plant!