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Knitted Terrarium Hanger

Knitted Terrarium Hanger

Growing up in the '70s, our house was filled with macramé plant hangers.  I noticed a resurgence of these--even Anthropologie has made their contribution.  So I decided to combine my new-found love for the succulent terrarium with the plant hanger.  But,  I must admit, I was not on board for learning a new craft, so I created this by using some of my favorite mid-level difficulty knitting techniques!

Hence, the Knitted Terrarium Hanger.  I used inexpensive, natural cooking twine.  I don't have an exact yardage, but I probably only used about one-third of the cone on size US 8 dpn's.  I don't think gauge matters on this--you're just slipping it around a 6" glass bubble bowl.  I tied off the top around a metal O-ring you find at a hardware store using a slip knot.  There probably is a nicer option to the slip knot, but again, not really into learning about knot tying.

PLANT-HANGER (13 of 40).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (1 of 12).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (5 of 12).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (26 of 40).jpg

Making the terrarium is pretty fun and simple--just be careful if you're using little miniature cacti.  I used those little ice cube tongs to place mine after getting some pretty nasty stickers in my fingers.

PLANT-HANGER (7 of 12).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (8 of 12).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (9 of 12).jpg
PLANT-HANGER (12 of 12).jpg

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  • Melissa Maldonado

    Thank you for the idea & pattern!! Like you I had my fair share of Madame growing up bur never learned how to do it. For the past several years have wanted to make one but never got around to it. Today I came across this!! Awesome!!

  • Pam Powers

    The link to the pattern is found above the last photo, in the text, "Knitted Terrarium Hanger pattern can be found here. "

  • Margie

    I can’t seem to find the pattern for the plant hanger.

  • Ruth morrison

    I love this cant wait to try it.

  • Daundra

    This is stunning! It inspired me to create something similar for my airplane plant!