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New Pattern Mosaic Cowl

Here's another new pattern Mosaic Cowl.Mosaic_wm (2 of 6) This design is SO EASY! It's worked in the round with a single row stitch pattern comprised of 6 stitches. Only one color worked at a time, easy to memorize...brainless knitting. However, because of the bias rib pattern, it resembles entrelac squares-the opposite of brainless knitting. Mosaic_wm (3 of 6) The cowl can be worn folded in half, so it is essentially reversible. Mosaic_wm (4 of 6)

Mosaic_wm (5 of 6) Yarn used is Purl Soho Worsted Twisted. So many color possibilities... Mosaic_wm (1 of 1)

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