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Quilted Lattice Hat & Mitts

Introducing new pattern Quilted Lattice Hat & Mitts.  This one is using Craftsy's new yarn line Cloudborn in Highland Fingering--2 skeins have enough yardage to cover both hat and mitts in all sizes. 

The kit, with enough yarn for both hat AND mitts,  is currently available through Craftsy for the low, low price of $21.60.  This kit is perfect for holiday gift knitting.  The pattern is also available in my pattern store.


On a personal note…I thought I'd share with you my new goal—to get moving.  During my younger life, I'd consider myself a diligent (not avid) exerciser.  However, a couple of years ago, I thought to myself, "Hey, you're almost 50 and you knit for a living—now would be a great time to eliminate physical activity from your life".  A trip to Costco was the most strenuous part of my week. 

So I am making the plunge—I am going to start tracking my steps.  I have this new really cool Jawbone UP3.  I like it because it could easily pass for a piece of jewelry.  My last tracker was black rubber and screamed, "I am a pathetic old lady, who is trying to pass off grocery shopping as exercise!" 

Why am I sharing this with you (I can already see the "unsubscribes" rolling into my In Box)?  Because I am not very accountable to myself.  Well, actually I am, and here is what a sample conversation sounds like…

Me:  I haven't run in 2 weeks, and I said I was going to run today, but I have this pattern that needs editing.                                                                                                                                  

Self:  That sounds like a good reason to me—in fact why are we even having this conversation?                                                                                                                                         

Me:  My thoughts exactly—I'm going to take a shower now and that doughnut looks pretty good.

So I promise I won't drone on and on about my daily step count, if you hang in there with me.  This is just my effort to be transparent and possibly shamed for my lack of motivation in this area.  Stay tuned…

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