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Sectional Knitting and the Georgia Fiber Fest

I will be taking part in the Georgia Fiber Fest on September 10-12.  I am honored to be speaking at the dinner Friday night and I will be teaching two 3-hour workshops on Saturday on Sectional Knitting. 

Sectional Knitting is the technique of taking a flat, knitted fabric, sectioning off stitches to be worked in separate strands, then bringing them back together again to be knit as one fabric.  This method creates interesting dimension and texture, using simple stitch patterns such as stockinette, ribbing and seed stitches.


This is the Japanese Weave Wrap that will be covered during Session 2 and will be released as a pattern next month.  My inspiration was this beautiful tile by Daniel Ogassian.

Session 1 will be covering the techniques used for Challah and Triple Plait Infinity Scarves.

I will also have a booth in the Market Place.  Speaking of which, we are working diligently on getting the new web store up and running.  Very soon we will have kits and fun notions available for purchase.

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