Happy Fall!

Yesterday it was 102 degrees here in So Cal.  Despite that fact, Fall has arrived as far as fashion is concerned.  I've been seeing so many fun trends--plaid, borrowed from the boys.  Picked up a couple of my favorite Japanese fashion mags yesterday--Liniere and Fudge.  Hey if anyone can get me that Harris Tweed metal-frame bag, I would be willing to do some serious trading.

Also, my Japanese Weave Wrap pattern is now available.  This woven wrap is a lot easier than it looks. The technique involves working the strips together, then working them separately and re-positioning them to make the "weave" pattern. A very comprehensive photo tutorial is also included in the instructions.

The technique is similar to a cable, and the pattern can be manipulated by changing the order of the stitches.

The yarn used is Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky which is the perfect combination of heft and drapey softness for this type of stitch pattern.

Sectional Knitting and the Georgia Fiber Fest

I will be taking part in the Georgia Fiber Fest on September 10-12.  I am honored to be speaking at the dinner Friday night and I will be teaching two 3-hour workshops on Saturday on Sectional Knitting. 

Sectional Knitting is the technique of taking a flat, knitted fabric, sectioning off stitches to be worked in separate strands, then bringing them back together again to be knit as one fabric.  This method creates interesting dimension and texture, using simple stitch patterns such as stockinette, ribbing and seed stitches.


This is the Japanese Weave Wrap that will be covered during Session 2 and will be released as a pattern next month.  My inspiration was this beautiful tile by Daniel Ogassian.

Session 1 will be covering the techniques used for Challah and Triple Plait Infinity Scarves.

I will also have a booth in the Market Place.  Speaking of which, we are working diligently on getting the new web store up and running.  Very soon we will have kits and fun notions available for purchase.

Summer Happenings

I've been busy--I mean really busy.  Obviously, not blogging.  I received a big Madelinetosh shipment earlier this month (feeling Tart-ish?) and put together what seemed like a million kits to take down to San Diego for the TKGA show.  I also sold printed patterns, buttons, scissors and other goodies.  

I am hoping to have kits available for purchase soon on my website, but for now I am headed to Boston to pick up Claire at Boston Ballet where she's been for the last 5 weeks and do some sightseeing. 

New Pattern Hugs & Cables Wrap

I just released a new pattern--Hugs & Cables Wrap.  This is truly a luxurious lounging piece made with heavenly soft Big Bad Wool Weepaca in the palest shade of gray and generous built-in pockets and collar created by increasing, traveling cables that are folded back.

The wrap is seamless, knitted in one piece that starts from a Provisional Cast-On in the center that is worked out in either direction.  The body of the wrap is worked flat with increasing cables, then folded back and joined to work in the round for the pockets.  The base of the pockets are closed off with a 3-Needle Join of the front and back sides, then finished off with ribbing.

I used buttons to secure the pockets to the sides, using the cable openings for button holes.

Special introductory offer: Hugs & Cables Wrap pattern download, half price (reg. $7), good through Saturday 6/13/15.  Use coupon code LOVE.  Offer good only on purchases from pampowersknits.com, not valid on previous purchases or purchases from other websites.

Knitted Terrarium Hanger

Growing up in the '70s, our house was filled with macramé plant hangers.  I noticed a resurgence of these--even Anthropologie has made their contribution.

So I decided to combine my new-found love for the succulent terrarium with the plant hanger.  But,  I must admit, I was not on board for learning a new craft.

Hence, the Knitted Terrarium Hanger.  I used inexpensive, natural cooking twine.  I don't have an exact yardage, but I probably only used about one-third of the cone on size US 8 dpn's.  I don't think gauge matters on this--you're just slipping it around a 6" glass bubble bowl.  I tied off the top around a metal O-ring you find at a hardware store using a slip knot.  There probably is a nicer option to the slip knot, but again, not really into learning about knot tying.

Making the terrarium is pretty fun and simple--just be careful if you're using little miniature cacti.  I used those little ice cube tongs to place mine after getting some pretty nasty stickers in my fingers.

Knitted Terrarium Hanger pattern can be found here. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Sweet Paul Makerie

It's been a month since I last posted, and there's been a whirlwind of activity going on.  Let's start with a couple of weeks ago.  I traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Sweet Paul Makerie after being invited by my friend Susan Holding of Little French Bakery.  As I look through my photos, it's really hard to narrow it down to just a few, but here are some of my fav's...

Day One was held at the nursery, cafe and historic buildings of Terrain.  The grounds were so beautiful and charming.  The family-style meals were spectacular in true Norwegian Sweet-Paul style!

My first class was Extraordinary Embroidery in the "Mushroom House" taught by the talented Adriana Torres.  Needless to say, I will not quit my day job, but I had a lot of fun getting to learn a new needle art.  Adriana also makes these incredibly cute amigurumi animals.

If you happen to live in So Cal, the Traveling Trunk Show is currently at Zoe's Knit Studio.  And if you're racing through Indy, check out the trunk show at Knit-Stop.