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Blocking Fingerless Mitts

Brooklyn Mitts, having the double layer of lace at the top, definitely require blocking. This is how I block mitts. My mitt blockers are pieces of cardboard cut to the dimensions below, then wrapped in several layers of plastic wrap for water proofing. Mitt_Blocker

After weaving in all my ends, I thoroughly soak my mitts in Soak Wash, one teaspoon in a small sink full of water. My favorite is Yuzu which is a lovely blend of citrus and eucalyptus.


Then I GENTLY squeeze out the water and pin onto my mitt blockers. You will need to pin on both sides, opening up the lace scallops to shape. Stuff the thumbs with a rolled up piece of tissue. Then I hang the whole set up on a clothes line to dry.


Voilå...perfectly blocked mitts!


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