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Holiday Gift Must-Knit #3: Asheville

The third project in this series is Asheville Boot Liners knitted up in Cascade 220 Superwash.DSC_9891 This project can be, like the previous two projects, a one-skein wonder. Well, one skein covers the first two sizes for the shorter Asheville. However, two skeins cover all of the other sizes, tall or short. Cascade Superwash 220 (color Aran) is machine washable, so perfect for boot liners, and is available on Craftsy, currently for $10/skein. Just click on on the link for "Cascade 220 Superwash" and peruse the beautiful color selection. I did the first size of the shorter Asheville, using US 3 & US 4 DPNs, but because this yarn is a heavier gauge, the circumference ended up being 9.5" (versus 8.25" for the pattern sample done in DK weight yarn). DSC_9883 To get the "ruffled" top, I used a picot cast-on that goes like this: With smaller DPNs, CO 4 sts. BO 2 sts and slip st from RH needle back to LH needle purlwise. *CO 3 sts, using knitted CO, BO 2 sts, slip st from RH needle to LH needle; rep from * until desired number of sts are CO. Then proceed with pattern as written. DSC_9898 Usually the shorter Asheville are designed to be worn with shorter boots, but if the circumference is wide enough, you can pull them up higher and wear them with taller boots. DSC_9893 So why are these a "Must-Knit"? One to two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash covers any size. These are a quick knit, especially the shorter Asheville. They are really cute with boots and not like anything you can find in the stores right now. DSC_9875 Make a pair of Asheville Boot Liners for a friend, and one for yourself! DSC_9909

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