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Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy 3-Needle Bind-Off

3-Needle Bind-Off, but so much better!

Jeny's Surprisingly Stretch Bind-Off is used to bind-off when you need a very elastic edge, like for socks. The 3-Needle Bind-Off is a great, quick way of joining 2 pieces of knitted fabric by knitting them together, the only downside is that if you bind off too tightly, your seam will pull in permanently, and there's not much you can do about it. By combining JSSBO and the 3-Needle Bind-Off you get a nice elastic seam that joins the 2 sides but with a little give to it. The pattern that is used for the demo is the Waterlily Wrap which can be found here.  

Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy 3-Needle Bind-Off from Pam Powers Knits on Vimeo.