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Provisional Cast-On

Work from the center out to create symmetrical edges.
The provisional cast-on provides a cast-on with a set of live stitches along the edge.  This enables a piece to be started in the middle, then worked out in opposite directions so the ends will be congruous.  When the first half is complete, the provisional cast-on stitches are "unzipped," placed back on a needle, and worked in the opposite direction.  Note: After unzipping the stitches, you will always have one stitch fewer than what was originally cast on, which requires an increase made when working the first row of the second half.


With crochet hook and waste yarn, make a chain several stitches longer than the desired cast-on.

Insert knitting needle through "bump" on back of chain.

Using project yarn, pull first stitch through.

Pick up indicated number of stitches in the "bumps" on back of chain.  Your provisional cast-on is complete, and you may continue with the pattern.

When indicated in pattern, "unzip" the crochet chain and place the live stitches on needle or holder